Seller Tips

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I. How long does it take to close on my property? It could be as short as a month with an all cash purchase of a house or condo. Usually it is 60 to 90 days from accepted offer to closing. It can be longer when purchasing a coop.

II. What does Beaudoin Realty Group offer?

We are a team of brokers and agents who live in the area in which we sell. We offer flexibility in how your home is listed: Exclusively in our office, on the Multiple Listing Service, The New York Times online, our website and other real estate sites. We interview and pre-qualify buyers before we invite them into your home. Before an offer is presented, rest assured that we have undertaken extensive financial due diligence on the prospective buyer.

III. What do we need to do before we place our property on the market?

  • Clean up
  • Remove Clutter
  • Renovations
  • Deal with any Estate issues

IV. How will our property be advertised and promoted?

  • We are members of the Multiple Listing Service, which allows your listing to be seen by over 20,000 real estate professionals from Queens to the tip of Long Island.
  • Your property will be featured on our website.
  • We can help promote your home through an open house.
  • Your property will be sent to the Beaudoin Realty Group email list and advertised on all of the following websites:

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